Création “Le Temps du Tendre “ pour les Ballets de Monte Carlo. Heuristique du sentiment amoureux ,inspiré de la carte de Tendre de madame de Scudéry. Scénographie: Dominique Drillot/ Costumes: Adeline André/ Musiques: Antonio Vivaldi/ Lumières: Samuel Théry & Dominique Drillot.
Le Temps du Tendre
Juillet 2021
Creation of "De Chair et Âme" with all dance students of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris.
De Chair et d’Âme
April 2021
Creation “Arock in the Bbox” for the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance from Lyon as part of the winter workshops.
Arock in the Bbox
Choreographic residency in Italy at ORSOLINA28 and creation of “Purgatorio” for a dancer soloist of the Ballets de Monte Carlo.
Ballet created after the first confinement for the soloist of the great Canadian ballets of Montreal, Maude Sabourin. An intimate moment of introspection on the value of the artist and his condition after societal decisions on so-called essential elements. A solo created in videoconference where the minimalist music of Arvo Part interpreted by Vanessa Wagner invites us to meditation and solitude. Art, what unites us and moves us, isn't it essential?
Instamaude Instant Maude
JUNE 2020
May 2020 Online creation during the confinement of "Partita n2" for the Grand Opera Ballet Avignon.
Partita n2
MAY 2020
Creation for the Czech National Ballet “Dear Soaring Thoughts” at the historic grand theater from Prague.
Dear Soaring Thoughts
January 2020
I wanted to do a contemporary reading of this choreographic work, emphasizing the condition of women and the place of women in our society today. Also, I wanted Colombine to be able to represent this independent and strong woman ... but the character is tormented. Under the pressure of a possessive and severe father, she will be forced to give up her life, her loving feelings. Colombine will resign herself to marrying Gilles while her heart beats for Harlequin who will remain only an escape route for the beautiful young girl. Scaramouche, for his part, will be able to undertake all the stratagems and tricks: incantations, various beliefs, money… he will not succeed in conquering Colombine's heart. Only true uncontrolled and spontaneous feelings give birth to love
December 2019
Invited for the first time by the Ballet Nice Méditerranée, Julien Guérin offers the dancers of the company the opportunity to highlight their mastery of academic dance. Attached to the excellence of this technique and its timeless elegance, this young choreographer digs the furrows of an uninhibited neoclassicism which is based on the liveliness of a vocabulary which is constantly renewing itself despite his great age. Démons et Merveilles gives pride of place to emotions by composing a painting from lines whose aesthetics strike us right in the heart.
Démons & Merveilles
October 2019
Creation "Beyond us two" Princess Grace Academy at the Monte Carlo Opera.
Au delà de nous deux
July 2019
Creation "Narcisse" as part of the application project with the Avignon Conservatory, the Opéra Grand Avignon and the Avignon-Provence orchestra.
February 2019
Creation "Les Mélismes du Corps" for the upper class of the Conservatory of Grand Avignon. Performance of "Tribulations" by the National Superior Dance School of Marseille
Les Mélismes du Corps
June 2018
Creation "Number 19" in partnership with the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Plastiques de Monaco for the Ballets de Monte Carlo. "Les Labilities Amoureuses" ballet specially designed for the competition for young choreographers neoclassical classics at the Opéra National de Bordeaux and won the Audience Award and the Foundation of the dance resulted from the performance.
Numéro 19
May 2018
Creation "Piano Poetry" for Pôle National Supérieur de Danse Provence Côte d´Azur (Rosella Hightower)
Piano Poetry
November 2017
Creation of "Sketch" for the Princess Grace Academy.
June 2017
Creation of "Depaysement" for the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Saigon, Vietnam
August 2016
Creation of them for the Princess Grace Academy
June 2016
Creation of "Theorem68" for the Ballets de Monte Carlo in partnership with the École Supérieure des Arts Plastiques de Monaco
April 2016
A solo created for artist Daniele Delvecchio in residence at Orsolina 28 in Italy. moment of meditation. A moment of search for the beauty of the gesture in the place that accompanies the dancer interpreter throughout his journey: the dance studio. Through the music of Wim Mertens, as a choreographer, I seek to put the dancer in a situation in a quest for pleasure and fullness through movement and space.
Struggle for pleasure
July 2015
Creation of From a Heartbeat for 2 dancers from the Ballets de Monte-Carlo.
From a Heartbeat
July 2015
Premiere of "Somnia Vertigo" on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for the Annual Gala of the Princess Grace Academy with the young Monte-Carlo International Orchestra conducted by Alessandro Crudele.
Somnia Vertigo
June 2014
Creation of "Beaudelairean Souls" for the School of American Ballet, New York with the composer of the Juilliard School Gity Razaaz
Beaudelairean Souls
MARCH 2014
Creation of "Soir de Fête" for the Ballets de Monte Carlo with the pianist Luca Mais
Soir de Fête
May 2013
Creation of "Tribulations" for the Princess Grace Academy.
November 2012
"Verwirrung der Gefühle" (Confusion of feelings, Stefan Zweig) for the Ballets de Monte Carlo.
Verwirrung der Gefühle 
May 2012
Creation for the Princess Grace Academy "Ostinato Graphique".
Ostinato Graphique
November 2011
Creation for the Jeune Ballet de Cannes Rosella Hightower "Communication to an Academy" Cannes Superior Dance School - for the Monaco Festival: the Printemps des Arts with the composer Sébastien Gaxie.
Communication à une Académie
April 2010
“Chase The Score” for the Beijing Dance Academy, China.
Chase The Score
April 2010

The sublime touches, the beautiful charms.

julien guérin
  • May 2018 Audience and Dance Foundation Prize at the 2018 Young Choreographers Competition.
  • March 2014 Wins the annual selection of the New York Choreographic Institute (New York City Ballet) and there
    creates a piece "Beaudelairean Souls" on original music by Gity Razaaz.
  • July 2013 Nominated for the Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative in the dance category.
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